Snow Angels

Snow Angels: A Community-Caring Initiative in Town of Diamond Valley

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New Community-Based Snow Shoveling Program in Diamond Valley

This winter, Diamond Valley introduces a new version of the Snow Angels program that aims to identify where snow clearing assistance is truly needed so that any member of the community can help out. “Many hands make short work”, and the goal is to share the workload and encourage any able-bodied person to be part of the town initiative.

Shoveling snow can be extremely difficult or even dangerous for some citizens, especially those with limited mobility or certain health conditions. If the snow does not get cleared in a timely fashion, the frequent freeze-thaw cycles experienced here in the foothills can make walking risky for everyone.  So let’s work together to keep our sidewalks clear of snow and help out our senior neighbours and those who need a hand for any number of reasons. Not only can we prevent fines being issued for uncleared walks, but we can help others get safely out of their homes so they don’t become housebound.

How It Works:

Residents who register for assistance will be provided with a sign to display in their yard or window to indicate they have been approved for the program due to legitimate need. Applications are available at the Centre Ave town office or online.  A property owner authorization form is available to accompany the application form for renters.   If you require further information, please contact Sue Nagel of Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) at or 587-621-0743.


Anyone in Diamond Valley for whom it is difficult or impossible to keep their walks clear is welcome to apply for assistance through the Snow Angels program. This support is conditionally based on no-one else living with them who is able to shovel. The program is not applicable to those seeking assistance while on vacation.

 It is essential to note that placing a Snow Angel sign in your yard does not guarantee snow removal. If you would like to pay someone to help ensure consistent service, please call FCSS at 587-621-0743 for any available contacts. Anyone wanting to have their number added to this list of available contacts is welcome to call as well.

Becoming a Snow Angel:

Being a neighbourhood Snow Angel is a great way to get to know your neighbours, keep your street safe for pedestrians, get some fresh air and exercise and feel good about knowing you are helping someone who truly needs, and will appreciate, your help.  Please be aware that shoveling snow can be a very strenuous activity. Prevention of injury or exhaustion is extremely important. Click the following link for some shoveling safety tips: 

 Last Updated: Dec 7, 2023