Capture Program

The CAPTURE program is a voluntary camera registry program brought to you by the Foothills County RCMP (Turner Valley). This innovative initiative aims to strengthen community safety by building a comprehensive database of private security camera locations. By participating in CAPTURE, community members can play an active role in helping the police investigate crimes and ensure the responsible parties are held accountable.

Security cameras have become an invaluable tool in fighting crime, often capturing vital evidence crucial to resolving cases. By joining CAPTURE and registering the location of your security cameras, you become an essential partner in enhancing community safety.

Registering for CAPTURE is entirely voluntary and hassle-free. Participants can list the locations of multiple cameras without any obligation to share their footage. The program emphasizes privacy, as the information provided is strictly confidential and accessible only to the Foothills County RCMP (Turner Valley).

With CAPTURE, citizens become vital partners in fortifying their neighborhoods. By contributing to the registry, community members empower law enforcement to retrieve potential evidence swiftly, significantly reducing investigation timelines. Together, we can create a safer environment for everyone in Foothills County.

Take a stand for community safety and join CAPTURE today. Visit www.foothillscapture.ca to register your camera(s) and make a positive impact in safeguarding your property, your family, and your community. Together, let's build a stronger, more secure Foothills County.

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Mountie Moments

The RCMP, in an effort to keep citizens informed, will be providing regular updates to the community. The Town is assisting by using our website and social media to share this information with our residents.

Online Crime Reporting

The Alberta RCMP is rolling out its user-friendly Online Crime Reporting system, making it easier than ever to report certain incidents. Citizens can now file reports online for incidents involving lost or stolen items under $5000, vandalism with repair costs under $5000, and thefts over $5000 from oil, telecommunications, and utility companies. 

Online reporting is not suitable for cases involving witnesses or suspects, and specific items like personal identity, firearms, licence plates, or decals. 

All online reports will receive a follow-up call from an RCMP officer within five business days.