FCSS Funding / Organizational Supports

Community Grants/Funding

Many Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) programs across the province provide funding to organizations and agencies that meet the needs of their residents in a manner that aligns with the FCSS prevention mandate. Diamond Valley FCSS is accepting applications for 2024 funding from November 10, 2023 until December 8, 2023.

FCSS Funding Application Revised

The regional funding application for 2024 has been redesigned to separate the year-end Report and the Funding Application back into two separate documents.  Both documents still allow for a single submission to Diamond Valley, Okotoks, High River and Foothills County.  Please note, however, that you must send the application to each community that you are applying to.  Each community has their own process and time frames for funding including presentation and fund release dates, so be sure to check in with each that you have applied to.  Although the submission deadline stated on the application is December 4 2023, Diamond Valley FCSS has extended their deadline to December 8, 2023. 

Instructions have been included to assist you with your application along with the FCSS Measures Bank which should be consulted when completing the Outcomes section.

Quick tips:

  • The top line amounts on the application will auto fill based on your budget so you do not need to enter the numbers.
  • The budget auto sums for you.
  • If any of the cells that auto sum/fill do not have correct totals in them it just means the form needs a little help catching up. Please do the following:
    • Delete the contents of the cell.
    • Use the tab button to move out.
    • This should allow the formula to update to reflect the correct total.

Funding allocation is based on an application process. The FCSS Board reviews all submitted applications and distributes available funds according to eligibility criteria, community need, and amount requested as a whole.


There may be a request for your organization to make a short presentation to the FCSS Board, or you may make the request for a presentation yourself.

Notification & Payment

Once funding decisions have been made by the FCSS Board, a letter will be sent to the contact person listed on the application. If funding has been approved, the letter will be accompanied by a funding agreement, a signed copy of which must be returned to the FCSS Coordinator, Suzan Nagel. Payment will be issued once this signed copy has been received.


The Town of Diamond Valley moved to a regional model for Interagency in 2023 which is now being hosted through the Town of Okotoks via an online format. Representatives from agencies, organizations, businesses and interested individuals who provide services to residents of the area are all welcome to attend. Interagency provides an opportunity for service providers to network and discuss important social issues and to develop partnerships and collaborative initiatives. If you wish to be added to the list to receive invites and have your information posted on the Basecamp forum, please contact Sue Nagel at 587-621-0743. Round table information sharing allows everyone a chance to speak; however, if you wish to make a lengthy presentation, please contact Interagency Chairperson, Sian Anderson at sanderson@okotoks.ca. Meetings are held from 1:00 to 2:30 on the 4th Wednesday of every month.