Citizens on Patrol (DVCOPS)

Diamond Valley Citizens on Patrol Society (DVCOPS) is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers whose objective is reducing crime in our community. 

“Our mission is to act as eyes AND ears for the Turner Valley R.C.M.P. In doing so we will help to reduce crime in our community. This is strictly a passive role and we do not involve ourselves in any incidents. We are to LOOK, LISTEN, RECORD AND REPORT.” 

To get in contact with or join the group, please contact

Learn more about the Alberta Citizens on Patrol Association

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REMEMBER: To report a crime or in an emergency, DIAL 911.


The following pamphlet is being distributed in our community advising residents to remove valuable items from inside vehicles and provides other crime prevention tips. 

2022-07-27 DVCOPS Car window pamphlet_Page_1

2022-07-27 DVCOPS Car window pamphlet_Page_2