Traffic Lights at Highway 7/22

Based on a commitment that the Alberta Government made to the Town of Black Diamond earlier in 2016, plans are well underway to design and construct traffic signals along with other improvements to the existing Highway 7/Highway 22/Government Road intersection.

The existing four-way stop control intersection has capacity issues and safety concerns, especially during peak traffic periods or when pedestrian traffic is high. This four-way stop condition will be replaced with new traffic signals. 
The existing intersection will be retro-fitted with new traffic signals. These traffic signal poles will include LED street lights to improve the lighting conditions at the intersection. The traffic signals will include pedestrian crossing hardware. The signal poles will also include rotating bases to allow for oversized loads to travel through the intersection

The roadway improvements will include ‘bulbing’ out the curb lines in the SE and SW corners of the intersection. This bulbing will provide additional space and increased visibility for pedestrians and will also provide space to install the new traffic signal poles. The layout of the intersection has been designed to accommodate large tractor-trailers and log haul trucks.

The curb line on the northeast corner of the intersection will be removed and replaced back to 1st Street SE to allow for development of 2 lanes approaching the intersection – one dedicated left turn lane and one shared through and right turn lane.  
The detailed design and tender documents are in the process of being finalized and will be finalized by mid-August. The anticipated construction schedule is as follows:
• Construction Start ________________________ mid September
• Construction Completion ___________________ mid December 
If you have any questions or comments regarding the proposed intersection improvements that you wish to submit to either the Town of Black Diamond or to Alberta Transportation, please send them to:
Darryl Schalk, Project Manager
Associated Engineering
Email to or by fax to (403) 329-4745
Traffic Signals map