WATER Supply
  • The Town has 3 water licenses with a combined total volume of 954,660 m3.
  • Full buildout of remaining vacant land within Town and the entire annexation area is estimated to require 1,186,080 m3.
  • The Town will eventually require additional water license of 231,420 m3.
  • Existing license will be sufficient until approximately 2056 – 2066, depending on growth rate
WATER Treatment
  • The Sheep River Regional Utility Corporation operates a water treatment plant in Turner Valley that provides treated water to Black Diamond, Turner Valley, and the MD of Foothills. It has capacity to service a population of 9,160.
  • It is estimated that the combined population of the service area will reach the capacity of the treatment plan between 2034 and 2039, depending on population growth.
WATER Distribution
  • Treated water is transmitted from the treatment plant in Turner Valley to a storage reservoir in Black Diamond.
  • The existing storage reservoir has capacity to serve the entire annexation area. No expansion required.
  • A new water main is necessary to provide water to the annexation area – this main will eventually run from Willow Ridge Blvd (south of the Oilfields Hospital), east, and then north, connecting to the business park (see map). The developer will be responsible to construct the local water distribution system that will fed by the water main.
  • The water main and related upgrades will be funded in large part by off-site levies paid by developers.
Annexation Servicing Review-R1 - Figure 6