Proposed Annexation Area

***UPDATE*** March 5 2019

The quarter section north of Hwy 7 (SE 16-20-2 W5) has been removed from the proposed annexation area in response to the concerns of landowners, and to challenges in servicing the area in phases scaled to meet market demand. Light industrial and commercial development may be accommodated in the north portion of the NE 9-20-2 W5

The SE 9-20-2 W5 has been added to provide for long-term residential growth, and to secure land for future road and utility right-of-ways necessary for the efficient servicing of the annexation area.

The NE 5-20-2 W5 has been added to provide for long-term residential and commercial growth.

The lands to the west of Town, shown in dark green, are included largely for the strategic purpose of achieving a contiguous border between Black Diamond and Turner Valley, as this will help facilitate the amalgamation of the two towns, should they choose to do so in the future. This area also includes the former site of Black Diamond’s water treatment plant, which is currently being developed for a ball diamond.

The annexation area now includes approximately 460 developable acres for residential development, 50 developable acres for industrial development, 32 developable acres for commercial development, and 164 acres for strategic purposes.

Combined with the remaining undeveloped lands within the Town boundary, the annexation area will provide sufficient land for 50 years of growth, for a total Town population of 10,600.

Current Population (2016 census)
Additional capacity within current town boundary
Capacity of annexation area
Total Population

Map - Annexation Area