Population Growth and Land Requirements

Land Requirements

The amount of developable land required to support growth is a function of the following factors:
  • Population Growth
  • Household Density
  • Density of Development
The Town also takes into consideration the remaining developable land within the current boundary:
  • It is estimated that there is capacity within the current Town boundary for a total population of 3427 (an increase of 725 people from the 2016 population)
  • There are approximately 11.5 acres of vacant commercial land, and 6 acres of industrial land
Population Chart
Population Growth
  • As a part of the Calgary region, the Town has experienced steady growth, although more modest than the growth of communities closer to the city. The Joint Growth Strategy prepared low and high estimates of population growth (for more detail on the population projection
  • The low growth projection assumed the recent rate of growth of 2.5% would continue for near future, then gradually decline to 2.0% by 2056
The high growth projection assumed future growth would exceed the historic growth rate for the following reasons:
  • History of accelerated growth in other communities in the Calgary region
  • Increasing single-family home prices in Calgary shifting buyers to outlying communities
  • Improved transportation connections to Calgary upon completion of SW ring road
  • Increasing regional employment opportunities
  • Improved business attraction upon installation of fiber-optic network
Projected Population Growth
  • In the context of the growth that is projected for other communities in the Calgary region, the population forecast for Black Diamond is modest.
Projected Growth