Rationale for Growth and Annexation

The Town has been growing steadily and is beginning to run short of vacant developable land for both residential and business development. If we are to accommodate additional residents and businesses that are attracted by the amenities, opportunities, and quality of life offered in our great community, it is necessary to annex additional lands into the Town. The 2016 population of the Town was 2700. It is estimated that the remaining vacant land in Town has capacity for an additional 730 people. It is necessary to secure additional land now so that the Town can continue to welcome new residents and businesses.

In order to grow in an efficient, orderly, and sustainable manner, it is necessary to plan for land uses, transportation routes, water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure – all the elements necessary to accommodate the projected growth of the Town. Annexation will allow Black Diamond to invest in long term planning, engineering, and financing strategies with confidence by ensuring the lands required for future growth are within its jurisdiction.

The Joint Growth Strategy outlines a long-term growth concept for the Towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley, and identifies lands for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. The Economic Development Plan provides a framework for increasing the opportunity for business growth and development that builds on the existing strengths and values of the Town and surrounding area. These foundational planning documents for the Town identify the need for the Town to annex land in order to grow in a thoughtful, intentional manner.

Annexation Map