Free Sand for Icy Sidewalks

Sidewalk Safety Initiative in Diamond Valley

Residents are asked to participate in a collective effort to maintain safe sidewalks by keeping the pathways in front of their homes and businesses clear and safe throughout the winter months.   In an effort to assist with this, the Town provides sand bins at several locations throughout Town that residents are able to access free of charge.

Free Sand Distribution Locations:

  • Council Chambers - 514 Windsor Avenue NW (TV)
  • Town Office - 301 Centre Avenue W (BD)
  • Flare n Derrick Community Hall - 131 Main St NW (TV)
  • Park and Ride lot near the river - 606 Centre Avenue W (BD)
  • Public Park on Decalta Road - 910 Decalta Road SE (TV)

How to Participate:

  1. Scrape / Shovel First: Before applying sand, ensure you shovel and scrape away ice and snow from your sidewalks and walkways.  Use the sand for additional traction only.
  2. Bring Your Own Tools: Please bring a pail and shovel from home.
  3. Help Yourself to Free Sand: Help yourself to the free sand provided at the designated locations.
  4. Inform the Town when Sand Bins are Empty: Please call 403-933-4348 or email to let us know when a bin is empty so our Public Works team can fill it up.

Thank you for working together with us to make Diamond Valley a safer place for everyone during the winter season.