Council Minutes

Once Council has adopted the previous meeting Minutes, they will be uploaded into the Published Council Minutes folder. Administration will make every attempt to do this within 48 hours after Council meets and passes the resolution adopting the Minutes.

Administration also attempts to have the Unadopted Council Minutes posted within 48 hours of a Council meeting.  Posting of the Unadopted Council Minutes within the 48-hour timeframe is a goal of Administration, but is subject to staffing levels. The public must note that these unadopted minutes are subject to error correction at the time of adoption, and as such, should only be used for general information purposes.  To verify the correct Minutes, please be sure to use the final, adopted Council Minutes.  These are posted following the next available Council meeting, where Council will review and make any necessary corrections prior to adopting the Minutes.


The Minutes posted on the website are archived without any attachments. Any attachments that you may wish to see might be included in the Council Meeting Agenda Package for the meeting in question. If the attachment was not included in that agenda package, it may have been severed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If this situation applies to the document you are looking for, please contact the Legislative Services Supervisor to find out if the document is available for public viewing, as some documents do become available to the public following the Council meeting.

Contact Us

If you require any information regarding Council Meeting Minutes or should you wish to view any Council meeting Minutes dating back before the Minutes shown on the website, please contact the Town Office  or email the Legislative Services Supervisor.

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    Manager of Legislative Services

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