Off-Leash Dog Parks

The Town of Diamond Valley is now home to two off-leash dog parks. These fenced areas have been designated to provide our furry friends with a space to revel in some freedom and let out their boundless energy. 

Turner Valley Dog Park:

  • Location: End of Turner Drive, Turner Valley community
  • Welcoming off-leash area with dedicated parking.
  • Bear-proof garbage bins and doggy bag dispensers for your convenience.
  • Beautiful natural park space adjacent to the Sheep River.

 Turner Valley Community Dog Park Map

Black Diamond Dog Park:

  • Location: End of 2nd Street NW, Black Diamond community
  • Serene off-leash environment with bear-proof garbage bins and doggy bag dispensers.
  • Charming metal walk bridge over a creek.
  • Leisurely strolls and direct access to the Sheep River.

Black Diamond Community Dog Park Map

Welcome Dog Lovers!

Both Diamond Valley Dog Parks are thoughtfully designed to provide a safe and enjoyable space for you and your pets.   We encourage everyone to embrace and enjoy these fantastic amenities while being respectful neighbours.

  • Please adhere to responsible pet ownership practices, including cleaning up after your pets and utilizing the waste receptacles conveniently provided within the park.
  • While the parks allow for off-leash activities, it is crucial for pet owners to maintain control over their pets at all times.  
  • Be mindful that the river valley areas, while offering a picturesque setting, are also home to various wildlife species, including bears and cougars.  Please remain mindful of your surroundings at all times.
  • Exercise caution, especially when approaching river banks or venturing near the river, particularly during periods of ice buildup or melt.

Your cooperation ensures a safe and pleasant experience for all, promoting responsible pet ownership and community harmony— let's make it a paw-sitive experience for everyone!