Appeals and Decisions

publHearings (once scheduled) will be noted here, the Agenda package will be posted once prepared, and the decision will be available once the Board has released it and it has been distributed as required.  These documents are in PDF format and may be large. Please allow time for the documents to download.  Information regarding an appeal will remain posted here for at least 30 days following the posting of the Board's Decision or withdrawal of an appeal.

Please be sure to review the Notice of Appeal to understand how you can participate in the hearing.  

Hearing DateAppeal ofAgenda PackageBoard Decision/Order
April 25, 2022
1:00 pm
DP 22-09
Appeal withdrawn
April 25  12:27 pm

Appeal withdrawn
The Board will not render a decision on this matter.

Many people have never participated in an SDAB hearing.  If you want to take part in one, here are the general processes and some tips to help make an appeal hearing easier to understand.  Hearings will be in-person, unless COVID-19 public health restrictions prevent gathering.

If you have questions about how to participate in an appeal hearing, please contact the Town's SDAB Clerk, Verna Staples by email or by calling the office at 403-933-4348.