Fire Department

In an emergency please dial 911

Diamond Valley Fire Department

The Diamond Valley Fire Department is made up of a team of dedicated, professionally-trained, paid-on-call firefighters.  

The Fire Department provides fire and rescue services to the Town of Diamond Valley and Foothills County, as well as support to neighbouring departments.

The Diamond Valley Fire Department is comprised of two stations:

  • Station 2 (former Turner Valley)
  • Station 3 (former Black Diamond)

Please note that if you call the fire hall directly, the phone may not be answered, as all of our firefighters are volunteers and the stations are not permanently staffed.

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Fire Bans

Diamond Valley - Currently no fire bans or advisories

Foothills County -  Currently no fire bans or advisories

For current updates and information on fire bans, please visit

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Burn Permits

Any burning outside an approved fire pit requires a burn (fire) permit. Any person wishing to obtain a fire permit must apply to the Fire Department via phone:

  • contact Town Office 403-933-4348

Fire Permit applications may require an inspection of the area before approval.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in charges or a fine.

Any residents living in Foothills County must apply for a burn permit on their website.

Fire Pits

Burn permits are required except when using acceptable outdoor fire pits. Acceptable fire pits meet the following criteria:

  • must only be used for recreational fires;
  • must maintain a minimum 3 metre separation from buildings, property lines and combustible material;
  • must be enclosed with sides made from bricks, concrete blocks, heavy gauge metal or other non-combustible material accepted by the Fire Chief;
  • must be equipped with a screen cover sufficient to contain and reduce airborne sparks;
  • must not exceed a height of 0.6 metres when measured from the lowest point of the surrounding grade to the top of the pit opening; and,
  • must not have an opening exceeding a width, length or diameter of 1 metre.


Launching of private fireworks is strictly prohibited in the Town of Diamond Valley except by permit.  Contact the Fire Department to apply for a permit.

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Firefighter Recruitment

The Diamond Valley Fire Department accepts applications on an ongoing basis and has high recruitment standards. Firefighters must meet a number of requirements and enjoy many benefits from joining the team.

What does a firefighter do?

  • Responds to emergency incidents where citizens require assistance (fire, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, rescues);
  • Interacts with the community to educate on fire safety;
  • Attends regular training.

Requirements for recruitment

  • A strong desire to learn and advance your experience and training including National Fire Protection Association courses that support the minimum standards for professional firefighters;
  • Adequate physical fitness level to perform all duties of the job
  • Residence within 7 km of the hall to ensure response times;
  • Commitment to the department which means attending training events and being available to respond to calls day or night;
  • 18 years of age or older;
  • Professionalism while representing the department while in uniform, in trucks and on scene.


  • Attend weekly training 
  • Attend weekend and evening training courses
  • Be available to attend calls
  • Work as a member of the team to ensure the hall, equipment and vehicles are kept in a ready state
  • Assist with public education (school tours and visits, food drive, presentations, community events.)

Benefits of joining the team

  • Opportunities to help people and the local community;
  • A supportive team atmosphere with excellent people and equipment;
  • Firefighter and medical training (NFPA 1001) at no cost 
  • Fun public engagement and fundraising events.

Applying to be a firefighter

Those considering applying to join the Diamond Valley Fire Department should first review the recruitment details outlined above.  Read the station-specific recruitment information for the station you will be applying to.


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fall-2022-firefighters-food-driveVolunteers and firefighters join forces to help feed the community at the annual Firefighter Food Drive in support of the Oilfields Food Bank.