Audited Financial Statements

Please note that it takes quite some time to complete and finalize the audited financial statements and other year-end financial reporting. The Town's fiscal year end is December 31 of each year. The audited financial statements and other relevant financial reports will be presented to Council for their acceptance. These reports will be placed on the website following acceptance by Council.     

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Financial Information Reports

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Indicators of Financial Condition

The content of the 2021 Indicators of Financial Condition is provided to Council as part of the annual audited financial statements. 

Annual Municipal Budgets

Annually, the Council must pass an Operating and a Capital Budget.  The budgets are archived here (from 2018 forward) annually, once adopted. 

The current (or most recent) Operating Budget is shown separately, the Capital Budgets for each year will be available, as well as the Operating Budgets, using the "View All Budgets" link.

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Quarterly Financial Reports

Beginning in 2022, staff will provide Council with quarterly financial reporting, including departmental budget variances over $1,000.00, capital budget projects status and the status of reserve accounts.  The reports are sent to Council and once accepted will be posted and archived here.

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 Municipal Indicator Results

Municipal indicator results are published to the Government of Alberta website on an annual basis upon completion.  Please note that they are published to the site several months following the annual deadline for the submission of municipalities' financial reporting.  More than one years' results may be available for comparative purposes.

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Annual Financial Documents

To view the current Tax Rate Bylaw, please visit the Commonly Requested Bylaws page.