Public Notifications


Please check the available links to the left (or below if viewing on a mobile device) regularly to be aware of important events that are available for your information or participation.

About Public Notifications

The Town of Diamond Valley encourages citizens to be engaged in what's happening in our community.  

There are a number of ways that the public can participate in the workings of their local government.  People can stay informed by attending Council meetings (view calendar), reading Agendas and Minutes, reading the twice-monthly Council Connection article in the Western Wheel or visiting our website, Instagram and Facebook page regularly.  

There are also a number of ways that more direct participation can take place.  Question Period is available at every Regular Council meeting or people can request to attend a Council meeting as a Delegation.  Other options for public participation include taking part in public hearings, answering surveys, attendance at open houses or information sessions, and of course, speaking directly with your elected officials.

** Please be sure to find out how you can participate in events. During the pandemic, many events are held online or provide opportunities to participate other than face-to-face. Please be sure to read about the events or check meeting agendas to learn how you can participate safely, maintaining the required physical distance and gathering restrictions regulations.