Animal Control

Animal Control Bylaw

The Animal Control Bylaw legislates Diamond Valley’s licensing, fees, fines and animal control procedures. This revision, passed in December 2022 in the Town of Black Diamond, was written in alignment with the Town of Turner Valley's Animal Control Bylaw, and remains in effect until the new Council of the Town of Diamond Valley reviews and replaces the Bylaw.

Dog Licensing

2011 dog days basset hound photoAll dogs over 6 months of age and residing in Diamond Valley require a licence. Animal licences are valid until December 31 of each year. The renewal due date is January 31 of the subsequent year.  

To license an animal in Diamond Valley, please submit a completed Dog Licence Application form in person or via email to the municipal office so that an animal collar tag may be issued.

Animal Licence Change forms may be submitted to replace a lost tag, report a change of address, or cancel automatic renewal notices for animals that have passed away or no longer reside in Diamond Valley.

Temporary Animal Licences are available for periods of animal care lasting less than 30 days at a time, and may be renewed on a maximum of two (2) occasions per resident per calendar year..

Forms are also available at the municipal office. Payments may be made by cash, cheque or debit at the Municipal Office, via e-transfer to or with credit card through our online Option Pay system (a small fee applies to the use of credit cards).

Backyard Hens Licensing

Residents of Diamond Valley are permitted to raise up to six (6) hens in a backyard hen house.

Please read Backyard Hens – Requirements and Best Practices for more information on caring for hens, and requirements for joining the the program.

To apply to the Backyard Hens Program, complete a Backyard Hens Licence Application and submit the form along with the $30 registration fee, and all required documentation to the Town Office.

Backyard Hens licences must be renewed annually. The renewal rate is $30 and payments are due by January 31 each year.

Lost and Found Animals

To report an animal running at large, or to find your lost animal, please contact our Municipal Enforcement / Peace Officers. Every effort will be made to reunite pets with their owners as soon as possible; however, we are unable to release any animal after 6:00pm.   

Phone: 403-933-0334

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Animal Concerns and Complaints

Residents with concerns or complaints about animals in Diamond Valley may submit a Resident Concern Form or leave a detailed message, including contact information, at 403-933-0334 or via email sent to