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Outdoor Rink: Small Black Diamond ODR

Subfacility of Arena & Outdoor Rinks

Admission Fee


Max Occupancy 82

Rules of Conduct


  1. Natural Ice
  2. Tennis Court

Small East-side Outdoor Rink (ODR) 

OPEN for the Skating Season

No matter what time of day or night, as long as you have light, this outdoor rink is open to anyone with a pair of ice skates and a helmet, 8:00 am - 10:30 pm.  The outdoor rink located between the SSSR and the skate park is for ice skating only.  

No hockey is permitted on this ice surface; skating with a stick in hand is okay, but no pucks.

  • Natural ice rink with a season from December to February depending on the weather.
  • Summer Usage (when the snow melts until the snow begins) 
    • consists of one Tennis court and can be used for Rollerblading weather permitting.


  • Helmets are mandatory. No one is permitted on any ice surface without a helmet.
  • At -20 Celsius with windchill, all rinks are considered closed and will not be maintained by recreation and parks staff.  You may want to bring your own shovel to clear off any snow.
  • Carrying children in your arms is not allowed; this poses a risk to both child and guardian.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Use Rink at your own risk.
  • Stay off ice surface when it is being flooded or maintenance is occurring.
  • Skating without proper lighting can cause injury; skating is not permitted when light is gone or after posted times.
  • No hockey is permitted on this ice surface; skating with a stick in hand is okay, but no pucks. 
  • Do not impede your hearing by wearing headphones during skating.
  • No glass on the ice
  • No food or drink on the ice
    • please use the garbage receptacles available around the rinks for your litter.

Contact Us

During regular office hours, 7 am - 4 pm weekdays excluding holidays 403-933-5272

The on-duty Arena Attendants can be reached inside the ORA.  

In case of medical emergency please call 911.