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Municipal Enforcement / Bylaw Concerns

  1. Municipal Enforcement / Bylaw Concerns

    This form is used for Municipal Enforcement complaints, concerns about; Animal, Noise, Unsightly, etc.

  2. Please Note:

    Personal information contained on this form is received by the Town of Diamond Valley in confidence. This confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if this complaint results in court proceedings. Release of this information is governed by the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.  

    The Town does not respond to anonymous concerns.

  3. First name Last name here

  4. Bylaw Concern
  5. My concern is regarding:*
  6. Fill in all details, including dates, times, address(es), etc. to allow us to provide the best resolution/service possible.

  7. Describe the action that you would like to see taken by Municipal Enforcement.

  8. Please include photos or images of the alleged bylaw infraction if possible.

  9. We strive to respond to inquiries and concerns as promptly as possible, however please note it may take up to 2 business days to receive a response. This form is forwarded to an email account that is not monitored outside of our operational hours.  

    If your concern is urgent in nature and requires a more immediate response, please contact our general complaint line at 403-933-0334 and we will be pleased to assist during our operational hours. For urgent concerns outside of our operational hours, please contact the Diamond Valley RCMP at 403-933-4262. For emergencies, please call 9-1-1.  

    For wildlife concerns such injured wildlife, illegal hunting/fishing or dangerous wildlife encounters as please contact Alberta Fish & Wildlife at 1-800-642-3800.  

    For information relating to Diamond Valley Bylaws please visit  

    Once your concern is received:

    Your concern will be promptly address by a Peace Officer. If an officer did not witness the infraction, you may be asked to provide a formal statement for further action. In such cases, we may inquire if you are willing to testify in court regarding your observations. If there is insufficient evidence, we may be unable to proceed with charges. 

    At the conclusion of an investigation, an officer will contact you to communicate the outcome of the complaint, unless you have indicated otherwise.

    We are here to ensure a safe and harmonious community. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to Diamond Valley's well-being.

  10. By signing this form I agree that the information provided herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  

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