Who makes the election rules?

Municipal elections in Alberta are conducted according to the Local Authorities Election Act, which is provincial legislation.  The Town of Black Diamond Council passes resolutions to appoint a Returning Officer, and to authorize the Returning Officer to do such things as providing advance voting, setting up an institutional vote for residents of the High Country Lodge, hiring election workers, etc.  All of these activities, although authorized by Council, must be undertaken in accordance with the Local Authorities Election Act.

Beginning with the 2021 municipal elections, the province has also passed two (2) other pieces of legislation that will combine some provincial election opportunities with the municipal elections across the province.  

  • Alberta Senate Election Act, and
  • Referendum Act

These acts will require municipalities to hold any applicable senate election or referendum questions in their municipalities if required by the province.  The province has also passed a regulation for each of these two (2) acts, to provide the municipalities with some funding to assist with extra costs incurred in undertaking these votes.

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