Can I see the current year budgets?

Administration begins preparing budgets for discussion each fall.  Council usually holds Special Council meetings to accommodate budget discussions outside of Regular Council meetings.  These are public meetings, advertised on the Town's website.   Agendas are published, although preliminary budget information is not included on agendas as it can be subject to several changes before the final budgets are adopted.  The "final" proposed budgets (still subject to change) are generally included on the Council Meeting agenda package where Council is anticipated to adopt the budgets.  This usually takes place in March, April or May, but can be done earlier. 

The Operating and Capital Budgets, as authorized by Council, will be included in the meeting Minutes, as a resolution of Council, accepting (or amending) the presented budgets. Once the Minutes are adopted, Administration will post both the Operating and the Capital Budgets for viewing on the Town's website, on the Finance page.

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1. Can I see the current year budgets?