What is WRSSC (Westend)?

The Westend Regional Sewage Services Commission (WRRSC) was established in 1994 by Regulation of the Government of Alberta to operate the wastewater treatment facilities for the Towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley..

WRSSC is composed of three (3) members of Council from the Town of Diamond Valley and two (2) members at large.

The Westend facilities are composed of the Turner Valley lift station, equipment in the Black Diamond lift station, the sewage lagoons, the blower building, the transfer station and the approximately 180 acres of property on which they sit in Black Diamond.

The Commission is funded through requisitions to the Town of Diamond Valley. The Commission's expenses include utility costs, operator costs, maintenance and repair costs, administrative costs and reserves. 

The Commission contracts the operation of its facilities through the Diamond Valley Public Works department, and administration services through the Town of Diamond Valley. 

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