I think I made a mistake on my ballot - what do I do?

The most common mistake voters make is not understanding how many people they can vote for.  Voting instructions are placed inside each voting compartment.  Each ballot that a voter takes must indicate the number of people that can be voted for.  Here are some helpful reminders:

In Diamond Valley, the Mayor is elected, not chosen by the Council.  You may vote for 1 mayoral candidate.

Diamond Valley Council has 6 Councillor seats.  Voters may choose up to 6 candidates (less than 6 is OK, more than 6 will cause your ballot to be rejected).

A School Division Trustee ballot - voters can choose 1 candidate.

Senate ballots may vary, and are produced by the province.  Voters will need to pay close attention to those ballots and the instructions posted inside the voting compartment.

Referendum ballots may contain multiple questions and voters may answer each question provided on that ballot.  These ballots are also produced by the province.

Voter Tips - Make Sure Your Ballot Counts!

  1. Exercise care in marking your ballots.  Voting in a manner that causes the ballot to be rejected by the deputy (section 86 of the Local Authorities Election Act) will result in that ballot not being counted.  
    • Ballots should be clearly marked with an "X" and with no other markings other than the deputy returning officer's initials.  
    • Too many votes cast will cause a ballot to be rejected.  It is important that voters be aware of the maximum number of people to be voted for on any ballot, and read the instructions provided to be sure.  
    • Never initial, sign, tear or mark a ballot in any way that could be an identifying mark.  Ballots marked or defaced in this way will be rejected.
    • Rejected ballots are "accounted for" but not "counted" for/against any specific candidate.  
  2. If you make a mistake on your ballot (a spoiled ballot) and would like the opportunity to correct that mistake, you may return your ballot to the deputy for verification, do not place it in the ballot box, and if they are satisfiedthat you've made a genuine error, a replacement ballot can be provided to you.  
    • Once you place your ballot in the ballot box, you are finished voting and must leave the voting station.  You cannot be provided with another ballot.
  3. You do NOT have to take all ballots offered.  When you provide the deputy returning officer with your identification and complete the statement form required, you will be asked which ballots you want.  You may choose specific ballots, or you may take all of them.  
    • Some people feel that they are making a statement in submitting an unmarked ballot, and that is their choice.  A blank ballot may be submitted to the ballot box, the same as any marked ballot, but the voter will not be entitled to a new ballot for that office or question once their blank one is submitted.  Be sure to double-check your ballots before you leave the voting compartment.
  4. It is an offence to remove ANY ballot from the voting station, whether marked or not.  ALL ballots taken from the deputy must be returned to the deputy to be deposited in the ballot box or otherwise accounted for.  

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