Do I need to show identification to vote?

Every person who wishes to vote must make a statement (on the prescribed form) at the voting station, in the presence of an officer at the voting station, that validates their residence in the municipality.

Voters must produce one (1) of the following:

  • one (1) piece of ID issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial or local) or an agency of that government that contains a photograph of the person, the person's name and the address of that person's residence, or
  • one (1) piece of ID authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer under the Election Act for the purposes of section 95(1)(a)(ii) of that Act that establishes the person's name and current address, or
  • one (1) piece of other acceptable ID.

A voter who cannot produce ID to validate their identity or their residence may have an eligible elector vouch for them, in accordance with section 53(4)-(8) of the Local Authorities Election Act.

The Returning Officer will (prior to advance voting dates) publish on the Town's website, a list of ID that is acceptable if the voter does not have any photo ID issued by a Canadian government.

The Returning Officer is aware that most photo ID for residents of Black Diamond (i.e. a Driver's License) will provide a PO Box #, rather than a street address.  This is an acceptable form of identification if the PO Box is located in Black Diamond or Turner Valley.  However, PO Boxes from other municipalities, or rural route addresses, will not be acceptable proof of residence, and voters should be prepared to provide one of the other forms of ID from the list.

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