Utility Rate Review

Understanding Utility Rate Increases

Welcome to the Town of Diamond Valley's Utility Rate Review Information Centre. Here, you'll find all the details about the upcoming proposed changes to utility rates along with a form to submit your questions.

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At the November 1, 2023 Regular Council Meeting, Town of Diamond Valley Council directed administration to develop new utility rates to align the rates paid by the two communities in 2024, and move toward full cost recovery in 2025.  

Full cost recovery is based on:

  • Pricing based primarily on water consumption; leading to a reduction of subsidization through municipal taxes.
  • Infrastructure investment: long-term replacement, repairs and expansion needed to accommodate a growing population.
  • Transfer of responsibility from all taxpayers to users; including residential, public and institutional facilities, and commercial businesses.

Utility rates must increase to cover the essential costs of operating the town’s water and wastewater systems, including infrastructure improvements, utilities emergency response (leaks and ruptures), and system maintenance. These rate changes are vital to ensure the long-term sustainability of our water and wastewater systems.



The impact of these changes varies based on previous rates. 

  • In 2024, Turner Valley community residents will experience a more significant increase, as their flat rate becomes based on meter size (note that almost all single-family residential homes are on the 5/8" size meter).

    Turner Valley residents will also see their water consumption rate increase to the current Black Diamond rate.  

    Turner Valley residents will see a decrease in their wastewater consumption rates to align with Black Diamond's rate, and will also see a slight decrease with the removal of the water and wastewater stabilization fees.

  • In 2024, Black Diamond community residents will experience only a slight increase as the flat-rate Stormwater Fixed Charge is added to their bills.

  • In 2025, all residents will experience a further increase as consumption rates rise to align with full cost recovery.


Current vs. Proposed Rates (2024 Alignment, 2025 Full Cost Recovery)

2023-11-07 Rate Comparison - Residential
Impact on a Typical Residential Bill

2023-11-07 Sample Billing - Residential

To view Non-Residential Bill proposed rates and billing changes, please view the charts in the FAQs section.

Transition Plan 

Understanding that this rate change can significantly affect household budgets, we are implementing a phased approach to ease the transition. This plan means that the first year of implementation is meant to align the rates between the two communities, with the move toward full cost recovery in the second year. Following the transition period, utility rates will be reviewed and adjusted annually to keep up with the actual costs of delivering water and wastewater services to residents.

Public Engagement 

Council understands that this rate change will have significant impacts on residents and are committed to listening to feedback from the community.  

A public information session was held on Monday, November 27 at the Flare 'n Derrick Community Hall in order to present the proposed rates and to answer questions from the community. 

Click here to view the presentation materials from the November 27 Public Engagement Session.

To submit questions and concerns regarding the proposed changes, please fill in this online form.  Questions will be addressed in our FAQs section where possible, and at the public information session when appropriate.

Stay tuned to this webpage and our social media channels for more information and updates.

Questions may also be submitted via email to utilities@diamondvalley.town.


Additional questions regarding the utility rate review can be submitted through our online form, or by contacting utilities@diamondvalley.town.