Payment by E-Transfer

The Town of Diamond Valley accepts payment via E-Transfer.

Send payments in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Log in to your online or mobile business bank account.
  2. Select ‘Send Money’ Enter the Town of Diamond Valley as the recipient and as the e-mail. Follow the instructions below for details to add to the memo section depending on. 
  3. Processing You’ll be notified in real-time that the transaction is complete. The Town of Diamond Valley is set up for auto-deposit.

The funds are immediately available in the recipient’s account as soon as the transaction is complete. Transaction history is available to keep track of past payments.

 *This is NOT for Provincial tickets.  Provincial tickets can be paid at any Registry, Courthouse or online at My Alberta eServices.

Choose the payment type below for instructions and how to find the account numbers required to make your payments.

  1. Utility Payments
  2. Tax Payments
  3. Arena Payments
  4. Dog License Payments
  5. Business License Payments
  6. Accounts Receivable / Other

To pay a utility bill you will need the account number. This can be found on your utility bill in two locations. Type "Utility Payments, Account #" in the memo section of the E-Transfer.

Utility Billing Opens in new window